Swiss Rock Asset Management AG is a fund management company. It is governed by Swiss law and is licensed and regulated by the Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

An independent fund management company

So what makes us stand out from the crowd? We offer a broad range of financial services and products based on proven theory and practice. As a completely independent provider, Swiss Rock Asset Management AG is solely and totally dedicated to promoting the best interests of its customers and as such represent a genuine alternative to other conventional financial service providers.

Swiss Rock has designed a series of investment funds that consistently implement the principles of modern portfolio theory.

Choose from a balanced range of funds

Whether individually or as part of a highly effective combined portfolio, our five categories of investment funds - Absolute Return Bonds, European Equity, Global Equity, Swiss Equity and Emerging Equity - constitute a well-diversified body of core investments that meet practically all our investors’ requirements.

In addition, Swiss Rock has launched the three funds of funds Return, Balanced and Growth. These provide a very simple way of benefitting from an investment strategy that is either based on income, balanced or oriented to growth. Each fund offers an optimal mix of risk and return, allowing investors to take systematic advantage of major long-term trends on the capital markets.

Swiss Rock Asset Management AG was founded with the intention of offering top-class investment products and financial services with a fair and transparent pricing structure.

Partnership strategy

The company’s founders are all recognised financial experts and invest their own assets in these products. They want to give co-investors an opportunity to invest their capital on identical terms. As a result, our customers become real partners.

Swiss Rock manages billions of Swiss francs. This allows us to offer our customers extremely good value for money.

Assets under management