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Global Equity Defensive C


  • Current Value CHF 11.38
  • Previous Value CHF 11.44
  • Difference to day before -0.51 %
  • Launch Date 09/26/2017 - 14:00

The Global Equity Defensive fund invests worldwide on a diversified basis primarily in equities and equity-related securities. In addition, complex financial instruments (e.g. derivatives on equities, equity indices or volatility indices) are used. The sub-fund aims to offer a global equity fund that pursues a defensive investment strategy. Loss absorption is sought but not guaranteed, thereby cushioning price losses (>20% over the observation period, as defined in the prospectus) in very bad equity years (see prospectus and fact sheet).

Swiss Rock (CH) - Swiss Rock Global Equity Defensiv C


  • YTD (Year-to-Date) +3.09 %
  • 1 Month +2.39 %
  • 3 Months +8.53 %
  • 6 Months +4.81 %

Last Update: 02/13/2024 - 01:00

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