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Global Equity C


  • Current Value CHF 13.96
  • Previous Value CHF 14.06
  • Difference to day before -0.71 %
  • Launch Date 07/02/2014

The investment objective of the World Equities Fund is to generate an appropriate return, taking into account the principle of risk diversification, by actively managing the sub-fund's assets, which mainly comprise equity securities, with a view to long-term capital appreciation. The securities selected are those traded on an official stock exchange of recognized countries or on other regulated markets of recognized countries (see prospectus and fact sheet).

Swiss Rock (Lux) Sicav - Global Equity / Aktien Welt C


  • YTD (Year-to-Date) +5.12 %
  • 1 Month +3.79 %
  • 3 Months +5.44 %
  • 6 Months -2.79 %

Last Update: 02/06/2023

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