Our asset management services include portfolio management for investment funds and institutional customers, both in Switzerland and other countries, and asset management for private customers. Our approach to investment consulting and asset management is firmly rooted in established financial theory and practice.

Excellence in asset management

Over the last fifty years, building on the pioneering work of a series of Nobel Prize winners, financial theory has developed a powerful set of tools to evaluate the performance of investment markets. This allows us to devise strategies that best reflect the individual needs of each investor. Modern portfolio theory has given us some extremely valuable guidelines for structuring and combining investment products. Our own ambitious goal is to design consistently successful investment strategies that comply with strict rules on risk exposure while keeping our own fees at a sensible level.

The link between potential returns and value fluctuations is widely accepted as an obvious fact. The higher the return targeted by an investor, the higher the volatility risk involved. Nevertheless, it should be noted that not all risks are rewarded by returns.

The importance of risk management

To remain successful over the long term, investors have to be familiar with the corresponding risk drivers, incorporate them effectively within the context of a securities portfolio and avoid all those risks that do not attract an appropriate reward from the market. To put it briefly, success depends crucially on proper risk management.

Investors looking for regular income need a well-structured portfolio of fixed-income securities. This will provide them with a continuous stream of cash albeit with little prospect of capital gains. By contrast, investors who wish to maximise their assets over the long term will buy equities. There is plenty of evidence to show that this will generate a greater return. However, the price paid by investors for this more attractive potential return is the volatility risk. Investing in equities requires patience and proper diversification. Why not give us a call? We would be delighted to advise you on the right balance between income and capital growth.

To ensure the best prospects for success, you need a tailored strategy – a portfolio designed to suit your individual requirements and implemented by highly experienced asset managers. Fashions come and go, but the principles of successful investing remain fixed.