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Swiss Equity C


  • Current Value CHF 16.73
  • Previous Value CHF 16.88
  • Difference to day before -0.89 %
  • Launch Date 02/14/2014

The objective of the Swiss Equities fund is to achieve long-term growth in value in line with the market. The fund invests primarily in shares, dividend-right certificates, cooperative shares, participation certificates and the like of companies domiciled in Switzerland or with predominant operations in Switzerland that are included in the SPI. The collective investment scheme invests in the entire spectrum of the Swiss equity market, in particular also in mid- and small-capitalized companies in compliance with the UCITS diversification rules ("UCITS") of the European Union. By means of a systematic and empirically validated selection process, stocks with higher expected returns are selected. The fund is suitable for investors with a long-term investment horizon who primarily seek growth of the invested capital. It is diversified by sector and therefore has an optimized risk-return profile (see prospectus and fact sheet).

Swiss Rock EF (CH) - Swiss Rock Aktien Schweiz C


  • YTD (Year-to-Date) +7.11 %
  • 1 Month +3.78 %
  • 3 Months +12.06 %
  • 6 Months +2.32 %

Last Update: 02/06/2023

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